Sunday, June 1, 2008

Olympus E510

The list of reviews has now moved to the E510 reference page at the new Review Organizer.


Vafloo said...

What does "Group A", "Group B" and "Group C" mean? What are the differences between these groups?

1001 noisy cameras said...

That is a very good question!

The idea behind this is that by reading at least one review from each group you will get a more diverse opinion on the camera, than by reading three reviews from the same group.

While the actual formula that determines these is a secret, in general, this is how it goes:

"Group A" usually includes traditional or technical reviews from the Big Six (eg dpreview, imaging resource, dc resource, etc)

"Group B" includes more photography-priority experiential reviews like Luminous Landscape, Bjorn's Natur Fotograf,, Ken Rockwell, etc. This group also includes reviews from websites that cover a particular brand, eg Thom Hogan (Nikon), Digital Picture (Canon), Photoclub Alpha (Alpha), Wrotniak (Olympus), etc. We also try to include "independent voices" in this segment.

"Group C" includes everybody else, which includes the other camera review sites, high tech review sites (CNet, Trusted Reviews, etc), gadget blogs, video reviews, etc.

Vafloo said...

Thanks. Good to know that. Unfortunately, the division into groups is not coherent for all DSLRs. For example, in case of Oly E-510 Steve's Digicams is in group C, while in case of Pentax K200D it is in Group A.

But in general overview this is great site. Congratulations :-)

1001 noisy cameras said...

The above was only a general overview :)

That's why I said it's a secret formula that decides what goes where depending on many foactors, including how many reviews are available for a particular DSLR, and a few other "secret" factors :)