Monday, May 12, 2008

What is DSLR Map? (About and FAQ)

DSLR Map is a two-dimensional reference blog that "maps" the whole DSLR market. The blog format is very simple, the list of DSLRs is on the left, and the content for each DSLR and DSLR family on the right.

Q: How do I use this blog?
A: Simple, bookmark the DSLR Map page or the main page and from there you can access all the camera profile pages and the DSLR family overview pages. One page is all you need to access all the content.

Q: Why this blog?
A: The purpose of the blog is to give readers a simple, uncluttered and easy to use reference and resource guide to DSLRs.

Q: What will I find here?
We feature a variety of reviews for each DSLR. Reviews are broken down into three categories, using a unique review evaluation approach. The goal is to offer a variety of opinions on each DSLR. The formula for dividing the reviews in different groups is secret at the moment, but I'm sure some of you can reverse engineer it :)

Q: Plans?
A: We start with the current and recent DSLRs, and over time we will go back and add older models. Time permitting may be medium format too.

Q: Feedback?
A: If you have any suggestions or feedback please let us know! The earlier we hear from you, the faster we can make changes if need be.

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