Wednesday, May 14, 2008

DSLR Map Change Log (Latest updates)

For an introduction to this blog, be sure to read the What is DSLR Map post. The purpose of this post is to keep track of the latest updates and additions to this blog. Presented in reverse chronological order!

October 2008

  • It is now official! The DSLR Map has moved to the new Noisy blog and it officially renamed to "DSLR Review Organizer" (DRO). Be sure to update your links and bookmarks with the new permalink.
  • We have also created a shortcut url when you are away from your regular computer and bookmarks:

September 2008
  • We have slowly but steadily started moving the DSLR Map to the new "green map". When each review is moved, a link to the new review page will be added so you can quickly and easily find it. Once the transition is completed, we will have more details.

July 2008

June 2008
  • Added Panasonic L1 and previews of the new Canon Digital Rebel XS 1000D
  • Almost all the current and recent DSLRs have been listed. Next step will be to add older models.
  • Added quick navigation [links] at the top of the main column, so you can quickly jump to the "DSLR Map" from any page, and also to the Overview pages for each of the major brands.
  • The DSLR Map has now gone live!

May 2008
  • Added lots more DSLRs, created the main DSLR Map.
  • Created Table of Contents infrastructure in the left column of this blog, with all the DSLR manufacturers and DSLR models listed.
  • Started posting "DSLR Overviews" for all the DSLR manufacturers (thirteen total). Digital Rangefinders (D-RFs) are included as well, all two of them. First round will cover current and recent models. Phase II will go back and add the older models.
  • The DSLR Map blog is launched on May 12, 2008!

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